Shopping Concierge Excursions

The Details:

It's a fantasy shopping trip like none other!  Let Maine Pedicab play your personal concierge as you explore the charming and exciting shops of Portland.  

Let us tote all your bags and mind your treasures as you pop in and out of the shops.  Likewise, this excursion will let you expert shoppers do their browsing "up front," so they can scout out their keep spots.  

How long we go shopping is up to you, but usually folks hire us for about 2 hours so that they can take their time and get to the goods stuff.  It'll be one of the most fun days at the shops you can imagine!

The Important Stuff:

Tour standard length is 2 hours (shorter by arrangement)


Minimum of two passengers for this tour

We don't roll well wet, so if there is significant rain in the forecast, all daily excursions will be canceled.


Some of the neighborhoods this tour may visit:

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