The Old Port Exploration Tours

The Details:

The Old Port district of Portland is at once remarkably hip yet charmingly historic, and our pedicabs will bring you to the very best of the fresh vibe and amazing scenery.

The first "official" permanent British settlement during colonial times, Portland's relevance to our nation's birth is etched everywhere in the landscape.  We explore the ups and downs of Portland that lead to so many changes in the city's development.

Likewise, we'll see how the contemporary Portland is as chic and hip as any other major city.  You'll find out why folks love the Old Port from a local trike-rider who can show you the best parts of the neighborhood!

The Important Stuff:

Tour lasts a minimum of 1 hour (longer by arrangement)


We don't roll well wet, so if there is significant rain in the forecast, all daily excursions will be canceled.


Some of the neighborhoods this tour may visit:

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